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Manduca Stretchy Wrap

Wrap: Manduca Sling Stretchy Wrap

Manduca Slings

A lesser known machine woven stretchy wrap, the Manduca is interlocked knit jersey material and feels like yoga pants, clingy in all the right places and soft.  This one is a longer wrap at 5m which was perfect for a twin Pocket Wrap.  Because it is knit jersey I found it especially important to get those passes nice and tight or the stretch would allow baby to sag.  Used almost daily when the twins were very little, I found it easy to tandem nurse and get my grocery shopping done with ease.  As the girls were older it was suitable for only one baby at a time.  The front wrap cross carry was our go to carry with the kangaroo carry a close second.  We still use this wrap for sick babies keeping them close, skin to skin, in those fevers and find that it is not hot nor does it hold heat.  I have recently noticed that as my girls get heavier, this wrap is not used quite as often.  I would very much recommend this as a starter wrap, the contrasting stitching on the rails is helpful to new babywearers, but wouldn’t count on using it past 25 pounds.

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