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Tekhni Persephone Pumpkin, Repreve

PersephonePumpkingraphicPersephone is the Greek goddess representing the spring and growth of new plants in spring personifying fertility.  The Tekhni wrap Persephone features an intricate leaf like pattern that captures the classic Persephone cable knit pattern perfectly in a wrap.  Pumpkin specifically is a triweave, using two contrasting yarns against a white cotton weft to generate the pattern.  The weave is textured, almost embossed from the wrap, giving superior grip for cross passes.  As a triweave, the wrap is heavier, listed as 290 grams per square meter, one of the heavier wraps from the 20150223_101643Tekhni collection.  While on the heavier side, the Repreve fibers in the warp allow the fabric to have unexpected air flow for so much weight.  As with all our Tekhni wraps to date, Persephone was no slouch on width.  The Rucksack carry is the toughest carry to keep a deep seat with a wiggly toddler.  A wide 29 inches left plenty of room for a deep seat and full coverage beyond the underarm if desired for your back carry.  We wore the Double Hammock Double Rings, Symmetrical Half Jordan’s with Rebozo Front, and Short Back Carry with Rebozo Front Carry.  All successful and easy to complete in Persephone.  We also completed a tutorial for the Reinforced Rucksack Carry with Rebozo featuring Persephone Pumpkin.

What We Loved About Persephone Pumpkin

One word, Repreve.  In Arizona it is warm throughout the year.  Our low of 36F (2C) is in December after midnight, so it is never truly too 20150223_101655cold here.  During a winter day the sun may rise on a 52F (11C) but by 10am it may be in the low 70F (21C) range.  These temperature ranges in the winter are dramatic in the spring and summer where the twenty degree range is the difference of 90F (32C) and 110F (43F).  This is where Repreve truly shines.  We tested Persephone Pumpkin in February where the high was an average of 76F (24C) and as warm as 85F (29C).  Usually tandem babywearing has the small of my back perspiring from the body heat of my baby.  This was greatly reduced with Pumpkin and with a wrap as heavy as it weighs in, it could have only been the Repreve fibers.  We also loved the color, soft and muted orange more the color of fresh pumpkin rather than the garish outer skin.

Repreve: Turning it Green

So what is Repreve?  It is a fiber made from recycled plastic bottles.  That’s right, those same plastic water bottles you are tossing into your blue bins.  How does it work?  The recycled bottles make their way to the plant where they are cleaned, chopped finely, melted, and turned into little plastic chips so that they melt evenly.  The melted chips are then spun into thin flexible fibers and wound on a spool like yarn.  Colors can be incorporated into the melted plastic so that the fibers are an even and consistent color throughout.  Plastic is known for being able to uptake strong, vibrant colors, which allows the garments made with the recycled fibers to stand out.



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