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Tekhni Chloris Heirloom, Repreve

ChlorisHeirloomWe recently had the opportunity to test out the new Tekhni Woven Studio Chloris Heirloom woven wrap featuring Repreve.  Sent to us as a pre-release wrap, we felt honored to be the first consumers to set eyes on this stunning pattern.  The exact color of an heirloom tomato, the latest Chloris pattern is just sexy on the right side and wrong.  Beauty aside, the real question you want to know is how the wrap performed.

We have tried a few Tekhni before Chloris and eagerly anticipated this latest tester.  We tried it out with three tandem carries and a three layer singlet carry to push the limits of the Repreve’s breathability.  Using our morning walk, when temperatures are around 85 degrees Farenheit (29 celsius), I figured tandem wrapped in multilayered carries were going to buy me a sweat.  Not at all.  The Double Hammock, Double Rings with Front Cross Carry is my DSC_2101favorite long wear carry.  Featuring a two layer carry front and back,  there is a potential for heat retention.  All three of us remained cool and the twins were asleep by the time we made our circuit around the park.  Later that week we wore the Symmetrical Half Jordan’s Back Carry with Rebozo front carry.  This is another carry with the potential for body heat between the three of us without the ability for air flow.  Repreve performed better than our 100% cotton wrap from the day before.  Our final tandem carry was Giselle’s Back Carry, knotless with Double Rebozo front carry.  This carry is a nice long wear carry, something I would wear to the zoo or a long walk.  Featuring a three layer back carry and a two layer front carry I was sure there would be sweat stains on my shirt, front and back.  Barely moist on a 92F (33C) day!  Our last carry was the rather ornate, albeit deceptively simple, Taiwanese carry.  This is a three layer back carry with three cross passes in front.  Finished with a large sling ring to avoid the knot, this DSC_2190is one of the most comfortable back carries for the nursing mother.  An extra long walk this day really put Repreve to the test.  The soft cushy wrap made for gorgeous shoulder passes and didn’t add any pressure to the 25 pound weight from my baby.  Not only did we both enjoy our walk without breaking a sweat, she was asleep within three minutes.

Going, Going, Gone!  TKO in three minutes in Chloris Heirloom….DSC_2150DSC_2158DSC_2168

For more information on the Repreve fibers see our previous review on Tekhni’s Persephone Pumpkin.



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