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Tekhni ~ Persephone Pumpkin Review

Another Great review of the Tekhni Persephone Pumpkin! Chocolate Crunchies is a blog I follow, check out some of the other posts.


Tekhni Carry: Double Hammock

Now, let me introduce to you Persephone Pumpkin Repreve!
Like wow, this wrap was made for me. I’m not lying or trying to boost this wrap up for more than it is. It really is that amazing!

First off, my first impressions from seeing this wrap and particular color in pictures, I was like “meh.” It didn’t spark my interest visually. But as a teammate of mine said, “Don’t judge a wrap by it’s color” or design, and she’s totally right. When I finally opened and took Persephone out of the UPS box, the first thing I noticed was how heavy it was. I immediately ran to my Meandros Oasis where I compared which arm appeared to show my biceps the best. In my hand, Persephone Pumpkin it was. Then I noticed the width of this bad girl. She’s got mad hips! The extra width that…

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