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Little Frog Sunny Agate

LittleFrogSunnyAgateLong known for being economical and usually the first woven wrap many babywearers buy, Little Frog, based in Poland produces quality wraps that won’t kill your wallet.  Using the broken twill weaving technique, the Little Frog blends range from cotton to merino wool and most all under $100 USD.  The company also offers great second quality sales for even lower prices for wraps that have minor weaving flaws that don’t affect wearing.

Sturdy enough to hold two toddlers yet soft enough to carry your newborn, the Little Frog Sunny Agate is a vibrant rainbow of colors.  The Sunny Agate transitions from green to teal, purples through red, orange and finally sunny yellow.  You can pair any color large sling rings with this wrap for a beautiful match.  You can see that even on a cloudy, sunless day, the colors of this wrap shine through and almost pop off the wrap.

DSC_2581 The tonal shifts between colors is actually one of the best features of this wrap for beginning babywearers.  The top and bottom rails are differing colors and will help you ensure your passes are straight and never twisted.  The middle marker is small, the logo of the company is actually a little frog, and is placed at both the top and bottom of the wrap to ensure you have the wrap centered evenly for your carry.  For a carry that starts on center like a traditional Rucksack Carry, you can always make sure the top is centered appropriately when making your seat.

What we like about Sunny Agate

The vibrant colors made this a wrap that the toddlers reached for.  That’s right, while I was mulling over the decision to take a different wrap, the twins would grab this one and bring it to me and declare Up!  There was alot of babywearing occurring in the house while testing this wrap.  Easy maintenance and care is always a bonus.  The wrap has to be able to work when they visit, even more if they stay.  This wrap was easy to wash, no special instructions, you can even wash this wrap on a regular cycle in warm to hot water as needed.  Air Fluff is still my go to for drying, and a good steam iron to relax and soften the fibers.  Little Frog accounts for a 5% shrinkage when cutting the wrap so in loom state it is just a bit longer and wider than the final size.

DSC_2584The Agate line is a higher gram weight line and some carries were a bit more difficult than others due to the extra weight and thickness of the wrap.  We were able to complete a Jasmine’s Tandem Hip Carry with two rings with a snug fit for the large rings but there was a bit of difficulty in tightening the carry through the two rings.  I would recommend the four ring variation for Jasmine’s Tandem Hip Carry to minimize the tension on the wrap and ease tightening through the rings.  I usually do not wear the traditional rucksack carry with the wiggly sprites that are my twins.  They can pop out of the seat before I can even get the carry tied.  That being said, need for a quick up and secure carry became apparent with a skinned knee and up into the ruck she went.  This wrap is completely ruckworthy with wider rails.  I was able to get the ruck secure with full back coverage without any difficulty and the grip of the wrap helped keep the seat in place and legs secure with the leg passes.  There is a moderate amount of diagonal stretch that allowed some carries, like Christina’s Ruckless to be completed with ease.  We were not able to match our lowest record of a successful Back Wrap Cross Carry in this wrap, there was just not enough stretch for to tie in front.  Successful tandem carries in this size four included the Rucksack carry with Front Cross Carry, ring finished; Rear Reinforced Ruck with Rebozo Ring finished; and Jasmine’s Tandem Hip Carry.

Check out our tutorial for Jasmine’s Tandem Hip Carry in our YouTube Channel: 

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