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Lenny Lamb Cherry Lace


Beauty on a budget?  Intricate jacquard woven design?  Vibrant colors with a feminine touch?  You can have it all with Lenny Lamb’s Cherry Lace.  Made of 100% mercerized cotton, Cherry Lace arrives, out of the box, sinfully soft.  If you are looking for a wrap to grow with your baby from newborn to toddler, Cherry Lace should be at the top of your list.  Based in Poland, Lenny Lamb is a family owned business making woven wraps and stretchy wraps that are practical, beautiful, and most important, under $100.

10390997_664399667012969_4755754675824911604_nSo soft and deliciously thin, Cherry Lace has the cush of a higher gram weight wrap and the support of cotton.  This wrap features a small amount of diagonal stretch from rail to rail.  This allows you to tighten your passes a little bit more and sometimes requires retightening to keep it solid.  I use large sling rings when finishing my carries in Cherry Lace as the cotton blend has a fluff to it and expands as the fibers soften.

DSC_2727The lace pattern is embossed, adding additional grip to the wrap.  You will want to make sure you spread your passes out with your arm and elbow before making contact with your baby’s back as there is very little glide.  The pattern repeats three times across the wrap leaving the top and bottom rails on both sides of the wrap different, an added bonus for new babywearers.  The wrap has a middle marker placed at both the top and bottom of the wrap allowing you to choose either end as up and make sure your seat and top rail are centered.  The opposite side of the wrap is the exact opposite in color where the red yarn is grey and grey becomes red.

What we like about Cherry Lace

There is no wrong side to this wrap.  I loved the red dominant side more than I did the grey dominant side.  This is the perfect wrap for a fancy finish as seen here with the Double Hammock Freshwater Finish.  We also like the Shepherd’s Carry with Sweetheart Finish where you can flip the wrap in the middle of your chest to show both sides.

Introducing a shoulder flip or Lexi twist allows you to show off the true beauty of this wrap.  I love this not just because it is beautiful, but the designer of this wrap put a great deal of thought into what the opposite side would look like when worn on either side.  This planning helps me to appreciate the beauty of the wrap even more.

I also loved the softness of the wrap.  On a day where I know I will have to wear a long time continuously, I tend to choose wraps that will give an extra cushy softness to my shoulders.  I have worn both sandwiched shoulders as seen below in the Shepherd’s Carry or spread as seen above in the Double Hammock.  Never have I had any pain or discomfort in wearing Cherry Lace for more than an hour, or even more than two hours.   DSC_2735

The diagonal stretch was just enough that when performing a carry like Shepherd’s which starts with an asymmetrical seat I found that holding tension was just a little harder than usual and required an extra attention to retighten the top rail in the chest pass.  I also found that while a thinner wrap, the cotton fibers fluff and make tying a double knot difficult when at the tip of your tails.  Tying the half knot in Christina’s Ruckless, Secure High Back Carry, or Back Wrap Cross Carry required extra attention to tightening the half knot, often pulling strand by strand at opposite rails to make sure the knot was tight.  Knowing your wrap helps you select the carry you can best wear with this wrap and any thick wrap with large, fat knots would have the same challenges.


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