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BabyDoo-USA Rouge

BabyDoo-USARougeNew to the market is the company BabyDoo-USA.  They are offering beautiful machine woven wraps with a simple straightforward weave and stunning colors.  What I love most about BabyDoo is their mission statement, their tagline is “Beautiful, Affordable wraps for all.”  Babywearing should be beautiful, and there is a lot of beauty to be had within the babywearing world.  I have not yet come into contact with a company that makes affordability part of it’s mission statement.  This is impressive and their price reflects this desire while providing a soft, supportive wrap you can wear from newborn to toddler stage.

DSC_2627We tested BabyDoo’s Rouge, a combination of pinks and reds against a cream colored weft.  As with any wrap I review, I put it to the paces.  We started with a simple rucksack carry.  To be successful at the simplest of back carries, a wrap must have superior support, adequate width, and soft enough to be comfortable for your baby as the wrap passes over the legs and under the bum.  I chose to wear the ruck with one of the twins, now 22 months old and weighing 25 pounds.  The width was perfect to get a full seat, tucked high to the belly button, and still make it up her back to the shoulders with wrap to spare.

DSC_2634 It didn’t take much wear before she gave in to her nap and rested her cheek on my shoulder.  The babies loved this wrap I suspect for the vibrant pink and red color as well as the softness of the wrap.  It arrived fleece soft, almost with a bit of fuzz to it.  The goose eye weave adds an intricate feel for the wrap and is what gives it that raised, grippy feeling.

What we like about Rouge

The grip is actually what I loved best about this wrap.  I enjoy a wrap that helps keep tension on those carries with ruckstraps or shoulder flips.  The grip also tends to cling to the babies clothing, especially since their clothes are 100% cotton.  The fibers almost hold them in place as I wrap.   I selected tandem carries where I could use the grip to my best advantage and ring finishes that used the large sling ring.

DSC_2637 As we wore Rouge more, we found more to like about the wrap.  My girls pick out their own clothes each day and while Rouge was visiting, they tended to pick more pink, orange and red to wear.  I took this as them really enjoying the colors of the wrap.  There is a very little diagonal stretch to this wrap.  I found that if a carry designated a base size of five, you were not going to pull off a carry meant for a size 6.  That being said we did still tandem wear in this size 5.  I found the size five to be a perfect length for a Short Back Carry with Rebozo Front Carry as well as a Reinforced Ruck with Rebozo.


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