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Poe Wovens Spangled Glory

PoeWovens Spangled GloryPoe Wovens is owned and operated entrepreneur Nancy Sunderland, a United States Marine Corp Veteran and mother of five.  The Vermont based company mills their stunning creations right here in the United States with an emphasis to providing a liveable wage and an ethically sourced product.  Woven with natural fibers of both plant and animal origin, Poe’s wraps are supportive and incredibly soft.    I am very much looking forward to the junior year for Poe Wovens.

DSC_2851Aptly named Spangled Glory for our grand old flag.  This latest release from Poe Wovens has beauty, softness, and a green footprint. Inspired by the American flag, the stars and stripes of Spangled are red and white stripes with blue stars on the right side and blue and white with red stars on the opposite.  A striking contrast and perfect patriotic tribute to the veteran roots of Poe Wovens and the American Sprit.

DSC_2761 The colors are vibrant, the red and blue standing out against white.  The mercerized cotton is incredibly soft and the Tencel weft fibers are silky and smooth, adding glide to each pass giving your carry a smooth finish.

What we like about Spangled Glory

Living in the hot arid desert I love a wrap that can breathe.  My girls enjoy their morning walk and it can be 103F as early as 11am.  A wrap made of soft fibers that offer a respite to the heat is our first choice for the summer months. DSC_2823 Tencel is a botanic fiber extracted from farmed eucalyptus trees.  Eucalyptus is a fast growing flowering tree that produces strong oils with high concentrations of aromatic oils (cineole, alpha-pinene, and limonene).  The three oils are known for their effectiveness as flying insect repellents, including mosquitos.  These three oils are also effective in prevention of bacterial growth for most dermally active bacteria.  In short, this wrap has natural chemicals that repel feeding adult mosquitos and will prevent bacterial colonization.  This also means there would be a reduction in odor retention in this wrap as well.  Without a doubt, my favorite is the patriotic beauty of this wrap.  Being in a family with several generations in the United States Armed Forces, I felt very honored to wear my country’s colors.


Wrapping Qualities

Tencel is a smooth fiber, without the texturized shaft seen in cotton or wool.  This adds a silky feel to the fiber giving it glide rather than grip when wrapping.  The extra glide made all my passes smoother and was actually forgiving of a quick carry.  DSC_2886The cotton warp gives the wrap a great deal of softness.  The shoulders are cushy in both sandwiched or spread allowing you to select what feels best for your shoulders.  The pressure of even a heavy toddler, or two, is easily managed on the shoulders.  I selected several carries with ruck straps, without chest passes, and found that the shoulders were comfortable without the need to adjust the tension on the shoulders.  A twist on the chest as seen in Christina’s Ruckless added no extra pressure on the sternum and the reinforced rucksack carry was comfortable for an hour long grocery trip.



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  1. I am so in love with this wrap and your review made me yearn for it even more….especially since my birthday is July 4 and my daughter’s due date was Flag Day, its perfect.


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