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Zee Zen Pearl Cove, Tower of the Sea

Known for their exquisite artistry in custom wrap conversion Mei Tais, the Canadian company Zee Zen is entering the fast growing, and competitive group of woven wrap manufacturers.  Their debut has me excited to see what they have to offer as they enter the fray.  Themed after the sea, the colors, textures, and fiber choices has me impressed and excited for their next release.

Natural haired African American Momma wearing her curly haired, blonde toddler in a teal green with scalloped shells and pearls woven wrap in a Short Cross Carry with a Large Sling Ring
Short Cross Carry with a Large Sling Ring

The front of the wrap features embossed scalloped seashells with a pearl on a cream colored background.  The embossing is pronounced, making the design tactile and adding grip to every pass.  The reverse side is the opposite of the front with shell and pearl being cream colored against the background the dominant teal.  The teal color is reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea, that calm, inviting medium blue-green color, a vibrant contrast to the cream background.  Woven of 100% cotton, Pearl Cove is soft and fluffy after just one wash, blooming into a wrap nearly three times the loom state.

Natural haired African American Momma with her curly haired blond twin toddler in a teal green woven wrap with scalloped seashells and pearls in a Reinforced Robin's Hip Carry with a Ring. The Momma has her hand gently around baby's back and is kissing a stuffed animal cow baby is offering to Momma.
Reinforced Robin’s Hip Carry with a Large Aluminum Sling Ring.

Ring finishes are easy in a large aluminum sling ring and the turquoise ring is a perfect color compliment to the wrap.  Supportive, even in a one shouldered carry with a toddler, yet soft enough to wear a newborn.

What we like about Pearl Cove

Heat retention is one of the things I immediately test in a wrap.  I pit the wrap up against three layer carries as often as possible and in our very hot summers I find the cotton blends perform best.  Being 100% cotton, Pearl Cove passed the test.  A three layer carry was a joy to wear in the hottest week on record in Arizona, temperatures exceeding 117F for more than four days.  While fluffy, Pearl Cove is not dense or heavy, it is so light and airy promoting air flow between my baby and me.

Curly natural haired African American Momma with red lipstick smiling at the camera while her curly haired blond toddler twin snuggles against her chest. The baby is being carried in a teal woven wrap with cream colored scalloped seashells and pearls in a reinforced front torso carry.
Reinforced Front Torso Carry

Pearl Cove was also amazingly supportive.  I put front carries, hip carries, back carries, and multilayered carries to the test in each wrap we wear.  The result was superb support for my 25 pound toddlers in each carry position, including one shouldered front carries with a squirming, nursing toddler.

close up of brown skinned woman wearing a light brown skinned toddler in a pink shirt. The baby is on Momma's back in a teal woven wrap with white sea shells and pearls. The wrap is finished in a freshwater finish so that the shoulders are over and under the chest pass.
Maddie’s Wiggleproof Back Carry
Wrapping Qualities

I love the 100% cotton blends.  They always start out softer and fluff up to something with which you would want to snuggle up.  Pearl cove did not disappoint in the soft or fluffy criteria.  The bloom, or amount the wrap fibers relax and expand as compared to the loom state, had to be at least two and a half times the size of the fresh from the loom wrap.  The shells and pearl alternate facing up in one row and facing down in the next and are embossed from the wrap.  This raised weaving adds texture to the wrap and gives Pearl Cove an amazing amount of grip.  Each pass stayed in place without struggle, allowing the precision tightening that was needed in a hip carry.  The half knot in a Back Wrap Cross Carry was almost padded and added no additional pressure to the collarbone.  The biggest challenge in the Back Wrap Cross Carry is getting the cross passes tight enough to keep it a high back carry.  Pearl Cove was easy to pass and stayed put, high on baby’s back, as I removed all the extra slack.  Shoulders are marshmallowy soft in both spread or sandwiched style.  Even one shouldered back carries like Double Hammock with a Poppins Finish were wonderfully supportive and easy on the shoulders.  We enjoyed wearing the one shouldered Front Reinforced Torso Carry as well as a Reinforced Ring Robbins Hip Carry.  We even created a new carry, Maddie’s Wiggle Proof Back Carry while wearing Pearl Cove.  The support was stellar with mild amounts of diagonal stretch.  The tester wrap was a long size four and I found that carries that traditionally require a size five were easily completed with the small amount of diagonal stretch.  Overall, an aspiring first release for Zee Zen.

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