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Ethos Babywearing Manhattan Sundown

A new babywearing company emerges with a work ethic not previously seen in the babywearing world.  Ethos Babywearing lives up to it’s name being a company that endeavors to improve the babywearing community not only through releases of cost effective wraps and ring slings, but giving back to the community with each limited edition release.  Focused on affordability, Ethos produces wraps with both beauty and budget in mind.

Tonal pink and cerulean blue, Manhattan Sundown features an embossed design of the skyline of Manhattan island as seen from the Hudson River.   The outline of iconic buildings such as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and both towers of the World Trade Center.  The wrap is dominant pink with the blue shadow of the buildings in the setting sun.  The reverse side features the mirror image of front, blue dominant background with embossed buildings in pink.  It is actually a unique design with the plane of symmetry along the length of the wrap such that if folded, the buildings line up tip to tip.

Manhattan Sundown is 100% cotton and a tight weave giving great support for even the heaviest toddler.  The wrap is cut narrow, at only 26 inches and cut generously on length to account for shrinking following the first wash to set the weave.

What we like about Manhattan Sundown

This is a solid wrap.  Once up, there was no way baby is getting down without help.  The contrasting colors were stunning, offering two very different colors in the one wrap.  The pink is pale and not overpowering, almost an accent to the wrap rather than a dominant color allowing the vibrance of the blue to truly shine through.  This makes for a very beautiful Poppins Finish or shoulder flip to show the other side of the wrap at the same time in the one carry.

Wrapping Qualities

Manhattan Sundown has a tight weave that lends extra support for a heavier baby or squirmy little one.  Working with the tighter weave can be a challenge.  It wraps more like linen, often unweildy where you want supple, grip where you need glide, and getting smooth passes required work.   Getting passes high was difficult in a back carry and those with shorter arms would find it hard to really perfect the cross passes of a Back Wrap Cross Carry with the extra grip.  I enjoyed the thinner feel of the wrap in the heat of the summer, it allowed for a more comfortable wear.  With a thinner wrap comes the possibility of a well tightened carry putting pressure on the shoulders.  Manhattan Sundown did begin to dig at the shoulders within forty minutes of a back carry and sooner in a hip carry.  I found that with the heavier toddlers it was not the most ideal wrap and would recommend to wear smaller babies up to about 20 pounds where the weight does not add to the pressure on the shoulders.

As a more narrow wrap I would also recommend multilayer carries as it was harder to get full coverage of the baby’s back and a deep seat.  Opting for the deeper seat, I angled for two or three layer carries that would maintain support for my leaners.  For the Front Wrap Cross Carry I would spread the passes and wear a Reinforced Ruck over a traditional Rucksack for a back carry.   The price point is perfect for a starter wrap.  With wear, Sundown would soften and likely become more pliable for easier and smoother cross passes.

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