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MADALO Contigo Negro

The German based MADALO produces affordable handwoven wraps targeted to ensure that even the budget conscious babywearing family can afford a handwoven wrap.  Partnering with a family of handweavers in Mexico, MADALO ensures a fair trade status on all their wraps with complete transparency of the working conditions and weaving process.  Read more about the weaving process here: MADALO Production.

Spanish for with me, we tested Contigo with the black weft.  Using a herringbone weave, the colors graduate from teal to blue then stripes of grey before transitioning to royal purple.  The combed cotton gives the wrap a pillowy soft fluffy feel and is newborn blanket soft.  Featuring finished edges rather than the traditional neat selvages in a handwoven wrap, Contigo has wide half inch serged hems on all sides.  Aptly named “come with me”  we took Contigo on our journeys for the week documenting each wrap nap and supportive tandem carry.

Combed cotton produces some of the softest woven cloth and allows the weaver to achieve a higher thread count as the fibers are the long, evenly aligned cotton and give the softest feel of all the prepared cotton yarns.  Contigo was light and airy rather than dense and heavy as some handwovens can be and this feathery texture can be attributed to the use of the combed cotton yarns.

What we like about Contigo

I have a soft spot in my wallet for handwovens and Contigo made an indelible impression.  Handwovens always arrive soft, no need to wear them in.  The excitement of having a loom state wrap arrive and be the softest wrap you have experienced and understanding it will only get softer makes you giddy with anticipation.  Contigo was supportive enough for one shouldered carries yet supple enough to feel little to no pressure in the shoulder.  Back carries and front carries were so very comfortable with the gossamer fibers gently resting on my shoulders.  The colors blended and matched well together, the light grey blocks allowing transition into the next color yet adding personality to the wrap.

A ring finish was surprisingly easy, the wrap glided through the rings with ease and prevented the very large knot from the handwoven fabric from pressing on my shoulder.  Back carries were easy and comfortable, supporting the weight of my 28 pound toddler with ease and no sagging.   Tandem carries with ring finishes were an easy choice and long trips through the grocery store and evening walks were effortless.  

Wrapping Qualities

I found cross passes were smooth and even, there was an equal amount of grip and glide to the wrap, giving the completed carry a neat, finished look.  Torso passes as in the Double Hammock did not offer the support of a machine woven but an easy substitution of cross passes added support as well as reinforcement of a back carry with a baby prone to leaning.  While supportive enough to maintain the Rucksack Carry, I found maintaining tension on the top rail to be more difficult than in other handwovens, it seemed Contigo offered more diagonal stretch than expected.  Hip carries proved difficult to tighten and maintain tension and even the pre-tied hip carries were more difficult to tighten after adding a baby.  Front carries such as the Kangaroo, Front Double Hammock, and Front Cross Carry were easy with extra tightening to account for settling and gentle stretch of the fibers with a heavier baby.  

The shoulder feel was remarkable.  Usually I prefer spread shoulders to prevent the pressure points I tend to experience with sandwiched shoulders.  It didn’t seem to matter in Contigo.  The shoulder was so very soft, I found that I took to sandwich style shoulders in the Double Hammock and Ruck while enjoying the spread shoulders for the Back Wrap Cross Carry.  The half knot and square knots tied during wearing were some of the largest I have tied.  I found that readjusting the tension in the knot was important as I was never sure it was tight enough.  The knots were enormous, sometimes as wide as six inches at the thickest portion.

The subsequent color choices of the MADALO wraps has been a beautiful process to watch designed.  Bright colors such as orange followed by pink and vibrant green has me excited to see their latest releases.

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