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Poe Wovens Herringbone Taupe

We are pleased to host another beauty from Poe Wovens.  The Herringbone weave is in the new Signature Collection for Poe Wovens which includes traditional weaving patterns in a variety of colors.  The colors of the wraps cycle with the seasons but classic neutral colors will remain a year round offering.  The Herringbone collection features 100% cotton, cotton/Eco2 Cotton, and cotton/Tencel blends all machine woven in the United States.

Close up Image of woven wrap with herringbone weave. The wrap is a neutral oatmeal color but comprised of colors of brown, blue, pink, and yellow against a off white to cream colored warp. The company tag reads Poe Wovens and is visible in the image.

Herringbone Taupe is a natural to light tan colored wrap with the classic V-shaped weaving pattern.  The pattern is angled short lines on a diagonal that alternate directionality with each the row of lines.  Colors in yellow, grey, white, cream, and tan make up the natural colored weft against an ecru or pale cream colored warp.  The wrap is finished with rolled hems just over a quarter inch with average sized tapers at approximately 6 to 7 inches.  The wrap is a heavier blend, listed as 300gsm a testament to the relative number of fibers per inch in Herringbone Taupe.  The weaving pattern is only slightly raised, adding a small amount of texture to the wrapping qualities.

Medium Brown natural haired Momma wears light brown blonde curly haired toddler in a natural oatmeal colored wrap in a front carry. The wrap passes over baby's back, over Momma's shoulders, and twists under baby's bum before tying in a knot at Momma's lower back.
Front Wrap Cross Carry With A Twist

Care for the cotton blend wrap is easy, machine washable and acceptable to tumble dry.  The pattern catches the light and appears almost serpentine in the sun.  The different colors from the taupe fibers changing the color from nearly white to light tan dependent on the light.  A thicker wrap means large knots and an overall heavier feel when wearing.

What we like about Herringbone Taupe

This is a wrap for solid toddler support.  Herringbone Taupe had little to no stretch, keeping those leaners and back archers in place.  The textured feel of the pattern added a minor amount of grip, helping to boost the grip already present in the cotton fibers.  This made hip and back carries an easy feat.  While loose and moldable, I found that as compared to previous Poe Wovens wraps we have hosted, Herringbone Taupe’s thickness prevented the pliability I had come to expect.  The thickness was not an issue, it actually is a testament to the number of threads per inch that come together to create serious toddler support.

Medium Brown Momma wears her light brown curly blonde haired toddler on her back in a natural oatmeal colored wrap. The wrap passes over baby's back twice and over both legs.
Autumn’s Reinforced Rucksack Carry

The pattern, although only slightly raised, tended to adhere to other cotton fibers in clothing.  Single layer carries were not my favorite for this wrap.  While supportive, I prefer spread shoulders and wearing a single layer Ruck with Tibetan finish left me adjusting the carry more than enjoying the walk.  The shoulders were most comfortable in the sandwiched position where the extra layers added a plush feeling and almost pillowy cush.  In spread position as in the Poppins Hip Carry I found there was added pressure to the shoulder.  Not so much as to be uncomfortable but enough that sensitive shoulders would find discomfort.  Multilayer carries in all positions were supportive and comfortable.

Wrapping Qualities
Medium brown momma looks away from the camera wearing her light brown blonde haired twins. One baby is on back, asleep in the oatmeal colored wrap passing over her back and across her bottom. The baby in front is awake, sucking her thumb. The large knot tied under front baby's bum is visible.
Reinforced Rucksack Carry, ring finished with Rebozo Front Carry

It was tough to get an easy, smooth pass.  Carries featuring pleats were easy in Herringbone Taupe the natural folding adding dimension to the pattern.  This wrap excels at multilayer carries where gathering is an elegant addition to the look of the carry.  A Poppins Hip Carry with the passes spread really showed off the beauty in the pleating in this thicker wrap.  Tightening Herringbone Taupe and holding tension was easy, the relative grip combined with the limited stretch allowed tighter carries overall.  The raised herringbone weave added texture that increased the grip.

Medium brown Momma wears her light brown, blonde haired toddler in a light tan wrap in a hip carry. The wrap passes across Momma's shoulder then across baby's back twice with pleated sides. The wrap is tied at the side of Momma's opposite hip.
Poppins Hip Carry

Wrapping true to size, there is almost no stretch to this wrap, ideal for those frustrated with the stretch in mercerized or combed cottons.  Both babies felt lighter than their combined fifty six pounds in tandem, an indication of the amount of support.  Front carries kept babies high without sagging and well tightened back carries prevented leaning.

The width of the wrap easily allowed deep seats and full back coverage which, when combined with the limited stretch allowed for a high and tight Rucksack carry.  The knots were large as to be expected from a thicker wrap requiring a little extra attention to ensuring they were ideally tightened.  A ring finish was a little work in a large sling ring but did hold very securely in carries where tying at the shoulder was required and difficult to tighten a large knot.  

Image features medium brown momma with light brown, blonde haired toddler in a hip carry. Baby is worn in a light tan oatmeal colored wrap. The wrap is seen passing at a diagonal across Momma's back and back across baby's back and Momma's waist.
Spread Passes for Support in Poppins Hip Carry

A Back Wrap Cross Carry and Christina’s Ruckless were some of the tightest and most secure that I have worn in a wrap but getting the passes spread and smooth proved a challenge.  The grip actually fought against, making even an elbow to distribute the wrap across baby’s back difficult.  Overall Herringbone Taupe is a beautiful wrap with amazing support.  The blend is ecologically sound as well as intriguing with the number of colors coming together to make a natural colored wrap.  Carries with intentional pleating were stunning and this could easily be a special occasion wrap with an elegant Poppins finish.  This wrap would be ideal for those subduing a wiggly toddler or even a heavier baby in multiple pass carries.

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