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Kokadi Arielle Eclipse

Image of wrap as background for a table listing stats on the wrap. Beside the table is an image of the wrap worn with baby on back with blond curly hair from baby and Momma's dark brown natural afro curls visible above the wrap over all of baby's back. The wrap is black and tan with a pointalism style scallop print. The table reads price point $180 for a size 6, two dollar signs; width Width 28.5 inches (71.12 cm); tapers Shallow, 6 inches of tapers (13 degrees); shoulder feel Pillowy, the bounce is incredible adding extra softness; support Toddler worthy support. Great diagonal stretch without compromising the hold in single layer carries; Age recommended Newborn to Toddler; care Easy. Machine washable on delicate with cool water, low speed spin. Tumble dry low or air fluff. No need to iron, laundered up wrinkle free; heat retention Very low. Heavy to hold in hand but wraps lightweight and airy; grip High grip. The raised scallop pattern combined with the cotton and bamboo adds an exceptional amount of grip; softness Bamboo is one of the softest fibers, this wrap is baby blanket soft and likely to only continue softening with wear and wash; pliable Very floppy and moldable right from the box. Wrap moved smoothly and conformed to our bodies with ease.

Selling their unique collection of carriers since 2010, Kokadi utilizes a variety of alternative fibers, beautiful designs, and selection of carrier types for the modern babywearing tradition.  Based in Germany, Kokadi is named for the favorite word of the CEO and founder’s baby.  Their goal is to make fashionable, functional baby carriers for your precious little one.  The collection includes half buckle Mei Tai carriers, full buckle soft structured carriers, woven wraps, water ring slings and Mei Tai, as well as gathered shoulder ring slings.  There is also a philanthropic inclination, a few of their past releases with 100% of profits dedicated to charities including midwifery and refugee aid campaigns.

Image is a close up of the front finish of the carry. Both sides of the wrap can be seen showing the detail of the pointalism scallop design in black and pale tan.
Double Hammock Poppins Finish

Arielle Eclipse is a jacquard machine woven wrap blend of cotton and bamboo.  The pattern is a raised scallop design in a pointillism style repeating across the length of the wrap.  The pattern alternates from black dots against the tan background on one side to raised tan dots nested within a dominant black background on the right side.  The design is tactile, raised, adding texture to the wrap and grip to the wrapping qualities.  Woven with organic Turkish cotton and organic bamboo viscose certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  The aim of GOTS is to certify the products from harvesting to manufacturing ensuring environmental and social responsibility.

Medium brown dark curly haired Momma wears blond curly haired toddler in black and tan wrap with pointalism style scallop design. The wrap is seen from the back of the carry extending up to baby's shoulders and a secondary pass across her back.
Double Hammock, Poppins Finish

The wrap arrives in a box with the Kokadi logo with a carrying handle in the turquoise Erna em Wunderland color.  A wrap scrap bag is included in the box, a handsome keepsake in another Kokadi colorway.  The Arielle Eclipse we received arrived loom state and weighed in as a heavy wrap, soft and pliable yet thick in hand.  Loom state the wrap measured just 191gsm and 30 inches wide.  Laundry care was easy, machine washed delicate, cool water, low speed spin.  I prefer to air fluff tumble dry a wrap when fibers allow.  I found that Arielle Eclipse required no ironing, emerging from the dryer light, fluffy, and wrinkle free.  Post-wash the wrap measured 28.5 inches wide and a whopping 331gsm.  This massive change perplexed me as the wrap felt lighter and fluffier following this first wash.  The answer to the giant jump in gsm is bamboo.  More absorbent than cotton by a factor of five, bamboo is a grass comprised of cellulose and like many cellulose plant fibers is treated to release the soft inner pulp which is condensed and used for the smooth long threads later spun into yarn.  As the fiber is prone to extreme stretching when wet it is important to utilize low speed spin cycles to prevent warping of the fabric, rendering it unusable for babywearing.

The image is a collage of two images, one on top and the other on bottom. The top image shows the loom state wrap with the dominant black with tan pointallism scallop print next to an African babywearing Maisai Mara doll. The wrap is approximately one inch below the arm of the doll at sunset. The lower image shows the wrap after washing in the same fold pattern and color pattern showing as the image above. The wrap is next to the same babywearing doll but this time is taller than the doll's arm by three inches.
Blooming Arielle Eclipse
What we like about Arielle Eclipse

Such a lightweight and fluffy wrap I expected the support to suffer.  I am always pleased to be wrong and Arielle Eclipse proved me wrong from the first ruck.  We enjoyed single layer carries both front and back as well as multilayered hip and back carries.  The air flow was unique, not quite as airy as Tencel, another treated cellulose fiber, but much more breathable than Repreve.  The cool weather made long sleeves and layers necessary but wearing Arielle Eclipse allowed excess heat between our bodies to escape.  The surface of the wrap is textured, a great tactile feel that the girls very much enjoyed.  Petting this wrap while being worn was something I would catch the ladies doing just before falling asleep.

Medium Brown Momma with natural curly hair wears light brown blond, curly haired toddler on her back in a tan and black pointalism scallop designed wrap. The wrap is tied at a half knot in front at the neck and over baby's back before being tied at the waist.
Back Wrap Cross Carry

The near thirty pounds of toddler weight was easy, multi-pass carries really lightening the weight load.  The color contrast made the design, reminiscent of pointillism paintings, unique in the optical depth.  The texture added to the grip of the fibers while the flexibility of the bamboo fiber allowed for superior drape.  The wrap elicited a soft sheen, almost a low gloss, allowing the design to appear three dimensional.  My older twin’s favorite carry is the kangaroo, she loves the closeness and the ability to be eye to eye with me.  The soft fibers stretched on the diagonal without distortion of the pattern and the shoulder flip allowed the raised dots to create a snug cross on my back distributing her weight effortlessly.

Medium Brown Momma with natural curly hair wears light brown blond, curly haired toddler on her back in a tan and black pointalism scallop designed wrap. Momma leans in for a kiss from baby. The wrap passes over baby's back and is seen twisted at the shoulder showing the other side of the wrap as the reinforced passes over baby's bum are also showing the other side of the wrap.
Reinforced Kangaroo Carry

The relative grip of the dot pattern did make getting smooth passes a small amount of extra work.  Attention to tightening and smoothing passes for the perfect carry took only one more minute.  One shouldered carries evenly distributed weight without sagging and seemed to hold heavier toddler weight better than 100% cotton wraps.  A quick modification to the Taiwanese carry to accommodate a sore shoulder provided the same support as the two shouldered version and even a leaning toddler was well supported in a solid carry.  A large sling ring was required for ring finishes, the lightweight wrap fluffing up with each subsequent wash without added density.

Close up on the chest passes of the Taiwanese Carry. The wrap passes over the medium brown momma's shoulder providing a switchback point twice to the wrap to pass over the front of Momma's chest. the wrap is finished in front with a large grey sling ring.
Taiwanese Carry, one shouldered

Wearing carries that emphasized the color contrast in the wrap became an unstated goal.  Pleating with Poppin’s, Robin’s, and Taiwanese added an elegant look to a well tightened carry.  Overall Arielle Eclipse brought beauty and function to a wrap in a unique fiber composition.

Medium Brown Momma with natural afro curls wears light brown blond haired toddler in tan and black scalloped print wrap with raised dot pattern. The wrap passes over Momma's Right shoulder over baby's back and tied in back.
Reinforced Robin’s Hip Carry
Wrapping Qualities

Don’t let the high gram per square meter for Arielle Eclipse scare you away.  When folded the wrap is heavy in hand yet fluffy.  When unfurled for use the 68% organic cotton 32% bamboo blend is lightweight and never heavy.  We found there was considerable amount of grip to this wrap on the right side.  The other side did provide more glide when worn against the right side.  When like sides touched, the grip required more attention to spreading and tightening the passes.  The Back Wrap Cross Carry is a personal favorite, the cross passes creating reinforcement for the leg straightener.  The half knot was amazingly soft on my chest, adding no additional pressure.  The first cross pass in which the opposite sides touched was easily spread without difficulty.  The second cross pass produces a flip at the shoulder, generally exposing the other side of the wrap.  This pass was difficult to smooth as the grip of the right side touched the raised design of the right side from the first torso pass creating the seat.  Given extra attention this was easily resolved but the phenomenon was repeatable for other carries with shoulder flips and switchbacks.

Blond curly haired Baby points into the distance while being worn on Momma's back in a tan and black dot pattern wrap. The wrap makes two passes across baby's back showing the diagonal stretch of the wrap.
Taiwanese Carry

Support was never an issue in Arielle Eclipse.  I would class it as soft enough for a newborn while being incredibly supportive for a toddler.  The shoulders were always soft and plush with sandwiched shoulders being almost decadent.  We revisited a few of our favorite newborn carries including the Pocket Wrap Cross Carry.  The crosses behind the back perfectly spread without the need to adjust and held in place with the inherent grip of the fibers allowing easy adjustment and tightening.  When completing the shoulder flip in a kangaroo or front double hammock the pliability of the wrap made completion of these carries easier, the gentle twists creating elegant pleats and adding to the aesthetic of the carry.

Medium brown Momma with natural dark afro curls snuggles ner light brown blond haired toddeler in a tan and black dot scallop printed wrap. The wrap is seen over Momma's shoulders and spread across baby's back to the shoulders.
Pocket Wrap Cross Carry

Easy laundry care really made wearing Arielle Eclipse a joy.  This has been an exceptionally wet winter and cleanup of tails exposed to mud and road debris was machine washable and dried wrinkle free.  Tandem carries were supportive and easy on the shoulders, allowing me to test out a new tandem carry in the process of testing this wrap.  The sandwiched shoulder is my favorite for tandem as it adds a level of softness to the weight across the shoulders with the correct wrap.  The shoulders in the tandem Double Hammock tied at the shoulder with Rebozo Front Carry as well as the Reinforced Rucksack with Double Rebozo Front Carry were pillowy, making a sleep transfer from the car comfortable.

Medium Brown Momma with big afro curls wears two sleeping light brown blond haired toddlers in a wrap. One baby is in back and the other baby is in front, both resting their heads on Momma's shoulder. The wrap passes over back baby twice, tied at the shoulder then once over front baby's back tied on the opposite shoulder strap.
Double Hammock, Tied at the Side with Rebozo Front carry

Our overall opinion of Arielle Eclipse is a positive one.  We very much enjoyed this wrap.  The support was sensational with a softness I have only experienced in combed cotton.  Lightweight and airy, I am looking forward to wearing this one again in the summer to see how the bamboo performs in the extreme desert heat.


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