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Wrapsody Baby Artisan Ring Slings

I am very proud to be a Brand Ambassador for Wrapsody: The Wraparound Baby Carrier.   A trailblazer of Western babywearing in the US, the owner is kind and thoughtful, putting her whole self into her work.   Kristi Hayes-Devlin is a babywearing icon, creating an beautiful brand that is approachable for families of all budgets.  This accessibility combined with long wraps without price increases makes Wrapsody a brand conscientious of  all people.  You can easily see the love poured into the brand in the names of the wraps.  Each one is after a person who has touched Kristi’s life and encouraged her passion.  A Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid saw my twins safely carried and has grown with us as we continue our babywearing adventures.  My wraps from Wrapsody are truly permastash for all the memories they have helped me create with my babies.

Even Super Heroes need uppy-down.  Wrapsody Ring Sling Tulum, Front Carry

The Wrapsody brand is now expanding from the Stretch Hybrid and Breeze wraps to include Ring Slings.   Partnering up with Sleeping Baby Productions has produced an amazing ring sling breathable with support like the Breeze wraps and pleated shoulder from an industry expert designed to ensure excellent coverage of the back while providing a perfect shoulder cap.   The blend of the ring sling fabric differs from the other Wrapsody product line.  The linen in the sling is balanced with the softness of cotton as the dominant fiber.  This maintains the cool, breezy feel of the Breeze line of wraps while giving the full support of linen but softened by cotton.  The colors in all the ring slings we have tested thus far have been rich and vibrant the designs similar to the Breeze and Hybrid wraps.  We tested four different Wrapsody Ring slings for this review, each with striking colors.  The ring slings measure 78 inches from rings to tail which places it at just between a medium, usually 72 inches, and a large ring sling, usually 80 inches.  The sling measures 26 inches wide, giving a deep seat with full back coverage including arms in wearing.  The rings are medium Sling Rings holding the wrap fabric securely yet allowing easy threading and tightening without bunching of the fabric.

“…we set our expectations high. It had to be soft. It had to be supportive, even with heavy toddlers. It had to be lightweight and cool. It had to be strong. It had to be beautiful. And it had to be different than what was already on the market.”

Wrapsody Ring Sling Nerissa features sea turtles and full figured breastfeeding mermaids.

The slings arrive in a no frills packaging with written instructions on the care of your sling and best practices for wear.  The dyeing process combined with the fiber content makes the sling a little stiff out of the package.  This is actually a great feature as all brand new wraps and slings require wash prior to wear to seal the weave.  Following the first wash the ring sling already begins to soften significantly.  I love linen and find linen to be a labor of love.  It takes a beating as a fiber, withstanding bouncing toddlers and heavy weight all the while giving superior air flow.  The Wrapsody Ring Sling is comprised of cotton and linen so the softening process I usually recommend for linen is reduced to about two to three weeks of daily wear, weekly washing, and ironing. The fiber blend on the Wrapsody makes it perfect for a low heat to air fluff tumble dry.  When laundering a ring sling it is acceptable to leave the rings to tumble around, they are unaffected by the heat and impact in the dryer.  If the sound of the rings in the dryer affects you a sock can be placed over the rings to muffle the sound.  Hanging ring slings by their rings is our preferred method for drying, the linen drying quickly.

What we like about Wrapsody Artisan Ring Slings
Lulling an overtired baby to sleep in Wrapsody Ring Sling Cara

Each ring sling has a story, each pattern unique and meaningful to the community of babywearers.  Ring sling Cara features the triquetra, an interwoven infinity angular ring from the Celtic culture.   At first glance this ring appears to be three pieces, but as you trace the ring it is realized as a single line beginning and ending together, unbroken.  The symbolism of this pattern refers to special relationships of three and can be applied to family or friendship.  Parents and child; friendships unbroken; convergence of elements air, water, and earth; and even religious symbolism can be realized in the form of the triquetra.  Nerissa is another ring sling pattern featuring sea turtles and a full figured female mermaid breastfeeding a little mer-baby.  Translating to Sea Nymph from Greek, Nerissa is similar in pattern to Morgaine, a Wrapsody Breeze named for Kristi’s eldest child.  Namaka is by far the most colorful with the tree of life along the tail.  Namaka is a smaller inner moon orbiting the dwarf planet Haumea in the Kuiper belt of our solar system.  In Hawaiian mythology Nāmaka is a sea goddess, daughter of Haumea.

Medium brown Momma with Natural curly hair wears light brown, blond curly haired toddler on her hip in a tie-dye blue ring sling with sea turtles on the tail
Always so talkative when up in a Hip Carry
Baby is seen picking her nose with her thumb while looking over her shoulder. Medium brown Momma with Natural curly hair wears light brown, blond curly haired toddler on her hip in a tie-dye blue ring sling with sea turtles on the tail
Yup, caught in the act! Seeking treasure within her nose.









Baby is looking at her finger after picking her nose. Medium brown Momma with Natural curly hair wears light brown, blond curly haired toddler on her hip in a tie-dye blue ring sling with sea turtles on the tail.
Nose treasures are fascinating!
Baby is seen sticking her finger in her mouth. Medium brown Momma with Natural curly hair wears light brown, blond curly haired toddler on her hip in a tie-dye blue ring sling with sea turtles on the tail
According to her boogers taste sweet.









The ring sling is an essential carrier for the toddler.  I know, this sounds completely counterintuitive to what you would ordinarily think.  The toddler is always on the go and the ability to secure them when they need it and within the snap of the fingers, loosen the rings to let them back down makes it an easy choice.  Accommodating a toddler in a carrier requires special attention to weight distribution and support.  A single shouldered carry is not always thought to be able to achieve both of these qualities but a well constructed ring sling can be the answer to the changeling toddler mind.  Amazingly supportive, the Wrapsody Ring sling easily held the weight of my 29 pound (13kg) toddler.  The sling is an excellent width allowing a deep seat and full back coverage.  My ladies prefer arms in more for comfort than security and the ring sling allows them to be fully arms in with the sling reaching just under the top of their shoulders.

Close up image of the gray, interwoven celtic knot design on the tail of a green ring sling. The pleated shoulder and rings are visible in the image.
Celtic knots on Wrapsody Ring Sling Tulum

Color is important to us and the vibrancy of the ring slings made it very appealing.  The ladies are very sensorial with bright colors really stimulating for them.  Bold combinations of blue, green, and yellow in Nerissa was a favorite for one baby while her sister preferred the vivid purple, yellow, and red of Namaka.  Partial to green I loved Tulum best of all.  Following several washes and daily wear over the last few months we have noticed no color bleeding or fading in any of the slings.  Cleaning spills on the sling were never a source of worry, everything easily laundering out without residual staining.

Wrapping Qualities

Although made from soft, albeit thin fabric, the Wrapsody ring slings did not ever dig at the shoulder.  The pleated shoulder has been designed with great consideration for the comfort of the shoulder as well as the spread across the back of the wearer.  Both are extremely important for a single shouldered carry.  Distribution of baby’s full weight across the large muscle groups of the back prevents discomfort and fatigue in the wearer.  The pleats cap the shoulder without effort and with ease the rings end at corsage height without a great deal of work.  Threading the rings was equally easy, the thin wrap passing easily through medium rings without bunching or catching.  The ability for the fabric to easily glide through the rings is essential to a good ring sling.  Too thick and the fabric bunches in on itself rather than gliding.  Tightening should be effortless with the ability to draw the fabric out and across the wearer’s body to create the snug fit.  We wore the ring slings in the house, at the grocery store, and at the zoo.  Each time extended wear an hour or more was an easy task without excess pressure or need to readjust the shoulder or seat.  There were many tantrums thwarted and an equal number of wrap naps all snug in the ring sling.  

Medium brown Momma with naturally curly hair wears her light brown, blonde, curly haired toddler on hip in a purple, red, pink, and yellow tie dye ring sling. Baby is sleeping her head at Momma's shoulder.
Late nap means we will be up late tonight! Wrapsody Ring Sling Namaka

Wearing in front, hip and even the advanced back carry, positioning the rings was an easy endeavor.  Leaving the rings threaded and folding, the ring sling easily fit in a day or diaper bag for later use as needed.  Transferring a sleeping toddler much in need of a nap from the car to the house then bed was made easier using the ring sling.  No need to position a fully relaxed baby as you tighten and tie knots.  Instead, the ring sling, already threaded, slipped just over my head and shoulder, sleeping baby placed gently within the sling, and tightened.  A simple adjustment of the seat and removal of the slack could then be done with two hands, the weight of the baby already supported across my back.  Transfers were equally simple, loosening the sling, sliding over baby’s head or even completely unthreading the sling to position in bed.

Medium brown Momma with naturally curly hair wears her light brown, blonde, curly haired toddler on hip in a purple, red, pink, and yellow tie dye ring sling. Baby is sleeping her head at Momma's shoulder.
Still sleeping two hours later. Wrapsody Ring Sling Namaka

Sick days were made more comfortable with the ring sling as well as helping to promote adventurer status at the zoo.  I would love to see a few neutral dark colors that would appeal to the masculine tastes.  The ring sling is the twins’ father carrier of choice and while the greens of Tulum and Cara were a fantastic choice, the ability to have colors similar to Wrapsody Sterling or Orion featuring runes would be an excellent addition to the growing collection of artisan ring slings.  I would also love to see a longer ring sling at 85 inches (216 cm) for the taller and fuller figured wearer.  I am excited to continue to watch the Wrapsody brand grow and continue to uplift the babywearing community.

Macro image of a ring sling with perfect pleated shoulder in red, purple, and yellow tie dye with slightly embossed vibrant pale green branching trees
Wrapsody Ring Sling Namaka


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