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Firespiral Slings Twilight Anemone Tourbillon

FirespiralSlings AnemoneTwilight

I am reminded of a trip I had to Portland, Oregon.  It was summer, yet to my thin desert blood the weather was cold along coastal Oregon.  I had parked at the trailhead and begun the short walk through the forest toward the beach below.  This forest seemed unusual in that the ground below wasn’t the moss-covered earth I had tread on so many other trails.  The ground below was fine white sand giving gentle resistance as the softness melted away with each step.  I did that nerdy thing that definitely identified me as a tourist, I took off my hiking boots, rolled up my pants, and continued down the tree covered hill barefoot.  I could hear the Pacific long before I reached it, the smell of the surf such a conflict from the smell of the coastal redwoods towering above.  When I finally reached the beach below at nearly sunset the sight required no words.  The surf receded back out to the ocean leaving a unique swirling pattern in the sand.  Firespiral Slings seems to have captured that entire sensory experience in the beauty of a wrap.  Long known for designs inspired by nature, the combination of colors and fibers add to those unique wraps blending elemental design into form and function.

Medium brown Momma smiles at the camera wearing light brown, blond haired sleeping toddler in back carry in a magenta, purple, and navy blue swap with galaxy spirals
Back Wrap Cross Carry Sweetheart Finished

Meet Firespiral Slings Anemone Twilight Tourbillon, 100% combed cotton of navy blue warp with graduation of color from magenta to vibrant purple transitioning into blue weft.  The vortex swirls within the pattern are raised, adding texture and grip to the wrap.  The detail within the swirls mimic the infinite motion of the tourbillon, the rotating axis upon which a perpetual motion watch uses to counteract gravity and continue movement.  The swirls within the wrap remind me greatly of elliptical orbits of planets, the theoretical shape of galaxies, and even the accretion disc of the black hole.  These patterns are not unique to space but are also seen in more terrestrial elements.  The branching fiddlehead of the fern, new fronds on my Sago palm, and those very same shapes left behind in the sand at my feet.  This shape is familiar because nature uses it often, it is the Fibonacci sequence and creates a magical mathematical phenomenon called the Golden Ratio.

Medium brown Momma with curly hair wears light brown, blond haired sleeping toddler in back carry in a magenta, purple, and navy blue swap with galaxy spirals
Symmetrical Half Jordan’s Back Carry.

Generously cut in a width of 28 inches and length of 4.8m in loom state less than four percent shrinkage was noted.  The colors remained rich and vibrant following the wash with no bleeding.  The pattern of the vortex spiral is raised from the surface adding texture and grip to the wrap.  Being 100% combed cotton makes the wrap incredibly soft from loom state only improving in softness with wash and wear.  Anemone Twilight is soft enough for a newborn yet supportive enough for an active toddler.  The bloom on the wrap was very impressive with the wrap increasing in size more than twice the loom state.

What we like about Twilight Anemone Tourbillon
Full fluff in Bloom

We have previously found that soft does not necessarily equal delicate when it comes to the Firespiral Slings wraps.  These beautiful designs are ready to work being easy care.  I never worried for the condition of my tails in a parking lot as the wrap was easily cleaned in the machine and even tumbled on air fluff dry if needed.  No ironing was needed for Anemone Twilight, it emerged from the dryer or line requiring only a fluff to release small wrinkles.  Following wash the tourbillon pattern embossed even more than loom state and the texture was significant, adding grip to the wrapping qualities.  The color grad on the other side of the wrap was a favorite of the twins, each baby preferring a different color.  The dominant navy was a favorite of mine, the magenta and purples peeking out of the dark color within the vortex pattern.

Center Strangleproof Rucksack Carry

I previously described the process of how combed cotton is made in our review of Firespiral Slings Autumn Dendron Harvest.  The shoulders of the wrap were soft and pillowy, inviting my toddlers to bounce and enjoy their ups without discomfort.  We participated in the Sealed with Love and Luck fabulous finish challenge with fellow bloggers Amy Wraps Babies and Fabulously Wrapped.  Anemone Twilight offered fantastic color to the finishes of the challenges.  A total of thirty-three carries and finishes, the Wrapped in love and luck challenge broadened our horizons and allowed Anemone Twilight to shine.

Saltwater Finish
Back Wrap Cross carry Sweetheart Finish
Wrapping Qualities

While we have worn combed cotton from Firespiral Slings in the past, I am still impressed with the amazing softness of this wrap.  I did not have to take the extra step to sandwich shoulders at all.  The shoulders were pillowy in spread and sandwiched position with sandwiched shoulders feeling almost padded.  There was definitely more grip than glide for this wrap.  This was not a bad quality, it meant that a little more work was needed to spread the wrap well across baby’s back but that once spread, passes remained in place as we continued to work.  Carries with switchbacks like Taiwanese Back Carry were made easier with the wrap easily maintaining tension across the anchor point.  The show of color and natural pleating made the fabulous finishes a great choice for Anemone Twilight.

Taiwanese Carry

The stretch along the diagonal made for smooth cross passes with excellent support of toddler weight.  My ladies are favoring arms in again and the width of this wrap  allowed a full, deep seat while giving full coverage of their back.  I found them tracing the vortex pattern with their fingers while up in the wrap.  The texture was an integral part of the enjoyment of the wrap the embossed pattern visibly raised from the wrap even in the images.  An integral part of the wrapping experience the molding of the wrap around our bodies allowed us to really feel the support.  We always test single layer carries in front, back, and hip as well as our favorite multilayer carries.  The single layer carries allow me to judge the support under 29 pounds (13.1kg) of toddler weight.  We wore the Robin’s back carry with reinforced seat, tied in front at the waist with comfort and great support in a single shoulder, single layer back carry.

Medium brown Momma with curly hair wears light brown, blond haired sleeping toddler in back carry in a magenta, purple, and navy blue swap with galaxy spirals
Double Rebozo Back Carry

The Unpoppable Poppin’s Hip Carry is a favorite for securing toddlers and allowing nursing as needed.  The Poppin’s switchback added a great splash of color and the ladies were well supported without sagging or constant adjustment of the seat to keep them comfortable.  The kangaroo is a favorite single layer front carry for my twins.  The shoulder flip added a tease of color and the width of the wrap allowed her to snuggle in with a deep seat and coverage across her back to the nape of her neck.

We managed a few sleeping baby car transfers back to the house and to sleep in the bed.  The Reinforced Ruck, ring finished at the shoulder with a Rebozo Front Carry was comfortable on my shoulders and fully supported the full 58 pounds (26.2kg) of sleeping toddler.  The soft shoulders made the tandem comfortable for the walk from the car upstairs in a carry that can easily be tense at the shoulders with unnecessary pressure.

Medium brown Momma with curly hair wears light brown, blond haired sleeping toddler in back carry in a magenta, purple, and navy blue swap with galaxy spirals
Rucksack Carry Datenight Finish

Anemone Twilight was a delight in single layer tandems and the girls latest 3am awake and snack time was eased back to bed with quick ups.  The new Firespiral Slings blankets featuring the enlarged vortex pattern may become a naptime favorite after the joy the ladies had for the wrap.  We have very much enjoyed our time with Anemone Twilight Tourbillon and are excited to see what color combinations Firespiral Slings has for this pattern in the future.


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