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Sestrice Slncia Lavendar

Sestrice Slncia Lavender

The wraps of Sestrice are the artistry of two sisters and babywearers from Slovakia.  Sourcing the highest quality materials with the sensory experience of the baby in mind, the yarns are soft combed cotton, linen, merino wools, and silk.  The designs are traditional Slovak designs from folk art and lore imbibing a personal element to the wraps they create.  Small details like color coded care labels indicate the blends of the wraps as well as small wrap scrap extras make Sestrice wearers feel the dedication to customer service.  The collections are filled with bright colors and airy wraps and ring slings including complex tri-weave designs.  The thought for all their wraps is on the comfort of the wearer and child.

Slncia Lavender is dominant pale purple with white sunburst designs of differing size and shape.  The opposite side of the wrap is dominant white with two shades of purple coming together to form the sunburst design.  In total there are four stylized sunbursts spread across the repeating pattern.  The name of the wrap Slncia translates from Slovak to english as The Sun.

“The Sun symbol has always been present in the creation of our ancestors. It represents the circle of life and this symbol should protect against evil.”  -Sestrice

The pattern of the sunburst reminded an Instagram follower of the design on the lanterns and flag in the Disney film Tangled.  We have since started calling Slncia the Tangled wrap for the lilac color and sunburst imagery.

What we like about Slncia Lavender

Combed cotton is a favorite fiber for us.  The pillowy softness and cushy feeling make bearing the weight of my girls easy on the shoulders.  Single layer carries were lightweight and airy, the fluffy cotton promoting air flow keeping us cool.  Slncia arrived when my family was ill, each of us with fevers and associated symptoms.  Tandem wearing two babies with fevers meant more heat than a summer day in July.  I was able to give them the comfort they needed while maintaining a reasonable amount of comfort.  While their fevers raged on at 102F they could rest in the wrap while their fever reducers worked and Oxytocin did the rest of the work.  Babywearing has saved many a sick day and we were very happy to have Slnca be here.  Curious about how babywearing can help for your feverish babe?  Read one of our older posts, Why babywear when your baby has a fever?  The colors in Slnca Lavender were subtle, rich but not overstated.  The twins really liked the purple color and enjoyed cuddling up with the wrap on the couch.DSC_0965

Wrapping Qualities

There was a mild to moderate amount of diagonal stretch to the wrap with a limited amount of grip.  This wrap relied on the natural grip of the combed cotton fibers to give Slnca Lavender more glide than grip.  This made getting a smooth chest pass and torso passes simple tasks.  Cross passes pleat without work giving an extra neat finish to the shoulder.  Soft fluffy shoulders allows wearing in spread or sandwiched position.  I preferred bunched shoulders when wearing.  Christina’s Ruckless with the spread chest pass was comfortable and supportive of sleeping toddler weight.  We preferred carries with flipped shoulders that showed off the contrast of the wrap.  Half Jordan’s Back carry with a candy cane chest belt introduces the shoulder flip and gives the opportunity to see both sides of this wrap.  The white gives a great contrast to the carry and the candy cane chest belt allows both sides to shine, each twist living up to the name of the finish.

I loved the amount of diagonal stretch to this wrap.  I found torso passes to be smoother and cross passes supportive.  The width excellent for a deep seat including full length of my toddler’s back for arms in.  We have worn combed cotton in the past and it is a fiber we very much enjoy.  The combed cotton of Slncia Lavender is thinner but no less soft than previously worn combed cotton.  This was not a negative quality but very much the opposite.  The thinness allowed more air flow , in fact the light breeze on our evening walk could be felt through the wrap.  I would love to wear this wrap in the summer to see how well the air flow is during the hottest months of the Arizona summer.

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