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Anmol Wrap Handwoven Prisha

Infographic listing quick shot of details about the wrap including price, shoulder feel, pliability, softness, and laundry care

We have worn Anmol before, their soft structured carrier has been an absolute favorite of both girls.  This time we are wearing something beautiful from their handwoven line.  This brand is always expanding, unafraid to take a chance toward a new, softer branch with an amazing affordable handwoven series.  We tested Prisha as the first in our affordable handwovens series.  Anmol believes every babywearer should have the ability to carry their precious little ones in comfort and safety, all of their carriers meeting ASTM and CPSCIA standards of safety.  Continuing to expand their beautiful handwovens, Anmol has partnered with local handweavers in India to revive past weaving traditions and preserve the culture and craftsmanship of the artisans.

Momma looks facws away from the camera but peeks over her shoulder as baby sleeps on her back in a pink, green, turquoise, and magenta wrap
Double Hammock, Saltwater Finish

Prisha is a vibrant handwoven of 100% cotton arriving in loom state tightly woven hinting at great toddler support.  The girls loved the colors of the wrap, they have since nicknamed it the “matermelon” wrap for the green and pink colors that remind them of their favorite summer melon.  They aren’t far off, the colors are an azure grad into a vibrant green before transitioning into magenta and a watermelon pink.  The wrap softens considerably with first wash and iron, increasing the already floppy softness.  With middle markers on both rails, you can easily turn the wrap to have a different perspective of the color scheme.

close up view of the finish in a pink, green, turquoise, and magenta wrap. The wrap twists at the neck as one tail passes over the chest pass and the other under the chest pass
Saltwater Finish on a Double Hammock

Prisha is Hindi for beloved, loving, God’s Gift, which makes this wrap perfectly named for carrying our precious babies.  The azure blue color was the exact shade of the noon day desert sky, a color that is difficult to capture well.  The blend from blue to green allows the magenta and pink to be a beautiful splash of color standing apart from the rest.

What we like about Prisha

Wearing a handwoven is not something all babywearers will get to experience.  Often the cost of a handwoven wrap is up there with a car note or even a mortgage payment.  While the cost of the weaver’s time and resources is highly valued, it leaves the handwoven in the category of those babywearers with extended disposable income.  This isn’t the case for most babywearers and it leaves the handwoven experience unapproachable for those with growing families, single incomes, and strict budgets.

Momma snacks on frozen yogurt as babies sleeps on her back and one on front in a pink, green, turquoise, and magenta wrap.
Wrap nap and a Momma snack in a Double Hammock Double Rings Front Cross Carry

One of the things I loved most about Prisha is the value of the wrap.  I was impressed by the cost for the high quality of the wrap.  The wrap plus shipping cost under $150 making this a very affordable handwoven for less than the cost of many machine woven wraps.  Prisha and many others from the Anmol line offer high quality hand weaving at a cost that allows the budget conscious babywearer the opportunity to wear something truly soft and special.  As with any handwoven wrap Prisha had small weavers knots and little nubs within the shaft of the yarn but nothing out of the ordinary, all expected in using natural materials.

Momma gives kisses to toddler worn in a front carry in magenta, green, pink, and turquoise wrap.
Telling me about the owie on her hand in Front Wrap Cross Carry
Wrapping Qualities

If you have read my other reviews you know I love a wrap with great stretch and grip.  They are my two favorite qualities in a woven wrap.  Prisha featured an incredible grip that keeps passes in place as you tighten the slack.  My best test of the grip is in the Double Hammock, Poppins Hip Carry, and the Reinforced Kangaroo Carry.  In the Double Hammock the ability to have the cross pass stay put on your shoulder as you take a second to tighten the chest pass can make the difference between a love and hate relationship with the carry.  The same is true of Poppins.  In a grippy wrap you can tighten through the switchback as you torso pass across your back to tie the knot.

Momma and Baby is on Momma's back looking at the flamingos in the distance.
Momma’s eye view of the Flamingos in Christina’s Ruckless Back Carry

The shoulder flip of the kangaroo carry serves to increase tension in the bottom rail as you lead into the cross passes at back.  The ability to keep the tension on the bottom rail as you cross over the legs and tie in back is made so much easier in a wrap with grip.  The additional spreading of those cross passes in the reinforced kangaroo allows not only the extra support for the wearer but also the ability to have a snug carry, well tightened, with just the spreading of those passes.  Prisha impressed with the level of grip, allowing stellar finishes to all these carries while having great spread and enough glide to allow the wrap to mold to the curve of baby’s body.

There was no special care to this handwoven, it was machine washable, tumble on air fluff, or even hand wash and line dry without need of special detergents.  I chose to machine launder and air fluff dry without note of shrinkage or change in the fiber composition.  It was very much a toddler worthy wrap allowing even the bounciest of babies to remain secure in a Christina’s Ruckless without budging.  We pulled out a few different carries to evaluate this wrap.  We wore hip carries like hip wrap cross carry which is a three layer carry finished with a slipknot.  A great carry for the changeling toddler mind, it allowed us the down and back ups that are so frequent these days.

close up shot of sleeping baby face on Momma's shoulder with the wrap pleated at her shoulder
Sleepytime snuggles after a long day at the zoo

We have had many a wrap nap in Prisha which I believe attests to the comfortable softness of the wrap.  Under 29 pounds of sleeping toddler weight Prisha maintained support, never leaving me with a sagging Rucksack carry or low Back Wrap Cross Carry.  While I do usually prefer a little more stretch I have found that I have to balance the stretch with support as the little ladies continue to grow.  Too much stretch and no matter how much you tighten you end with a sloppy saggy carry.  This was not the case with Prisha.  I found myself drawn more to the support and drape from the wrapping qualities.  We are always excited to wear something new from Anmol and look forward to their vibrant use of color in their newest line of handwovens.  The attention to details, particularly for safety, shows their dedication to improving the babywearing community through their products.

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