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Easy Feel Toddler Soft Structured Carrier

Information table displaying a picture of the carrier in use on back. Table reads Price Point: $113 toddler size, handwoven: $. Sizing: Unassisted sitter to toddler. Waistband Padding: Plush, well padded to 1/2 inch compressed foam. Waistband width: contoured, 5.5inches (13.97cm) at center front. Waistband adjustable: 30 to 59 inches (76.2 to 149cm). Panel width: Contoured panel. 17 inches (43.18cm) at the base, 19 inches (48.26cm) at the center, 20 inches (50.8cm) at the top. Panel height: 18 inches (45.72cm). Legs out padding: Yes, 1/2 inch compressed foam. Chest clip adjustable: Expandable by up to 14 inches on one side of the clip. Adjusts from inches to inches. Elastic to bind excess webbing. Shoulder straps padding: Yes; 2 inches (5.08cm) of 1/2 inch thick compressed foam padding. Shoulder straps length: Expands from 24 to 48 inches (60.96 to 121.92 cm). Personal fit adjust at top of straps cinches unpadded section by 2 inches (5.08cm). Shoulder straps contouring: Yes, Curved shoulder straps. Buckles style: Single side adjustable, side release with safety lock, heavy duty, includes safety elastic. Hood: Sewn in with pouch at top of carrier body for quick stow. Attaches with paracord elastic. Accessories available: Available accessories include: Suck Pads matching to carrier or other prints. Seat darts: Yes. Inside reverse pleat seat darts

Easy Feel Products is an up and coming manufacturer of ring slings, soft structured carriers, and accessories for the SSC.  They are a family operation that includes design, quality assurance, and tailoring at the hands of the owner and her mother.  Their goal is to make sure that everyone has a well made carrier that fits within the budget of a growing family that is comfortable, ergonomic, and affordable.  The carriers meet and are tested to ASTM safety standards keeping comfort in mind but safety at the forefront of design.

“All the carriers are designed with lots of love and care by my own mom and her team of tailors. And thus the Easy Feel SSCs happened….designed under the grandma’s loving care and brought to you by a mom who understands the needs to urban mother in India”

We have been very pleased to help test the Easy Feel carrier as it was being updated for style and fit.  Having passed ASTM certification the last items on the list before marketing to a larger audience was to hone the style and fit of the carrier.

Image shows medium brown woman smiling into the distance while wearing one light brown toddlers. One baby is worn in front baby is worn in a yellow Ikat design with large pink peaks
Sometimes I need a little helper even when I did not know I needed help. Pink Peaks Ikat Toddler SSC

We tested two Easy Feel Toddler SSCs, Pink Peaks and Gray Helix.  The Pink Peaks carrier featured a variation on the Ikat design.  The design is seen throughout India and Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia.  The word Ikat translates to knotted or bound which is part of the technique in the resist dyeing in which two strands of yarn are tied by a third strand to create a unique pattern prior to weaving.  Traditionally performed by women, it is considered taboo in some cultures for men to be present or perform the dyeing process.  Ikats are seen throughout many traditions including South America, Central America, and Mexico in addition to Indonesia where it is believed to originate.  Often represented as geometric designs that have the appearance of uniformity although abstract patterns.   The design is seen in the rising colors of the peaks where small variations in the colors can be noted.  The same pattern can be seen in the Gray Helix design in which the geometric triangles line the panel and small variations from navy blue to white are seen.  Pink Peaks features vibrant transition of color from yellow to burgundy, magenta, and pink.

Image shows close up of the carrier showing a dominant white background with navy blue diamond Ikat pattern over the body, waistband, and shoulder straps of the carrier
Easy Feel Products Toddler SSC Gray Helix

My standards on an SSC begin with safety followed closely by comfort with beauty coming in a very distant third.  I appreciate the time and effort that goes into the design of an SSC.  Having sewn a few myself I can see places where cutting corners and skipping steps can very easily end in the injury of wearer, child, or both.  I admire that Easy Feel has taken the time to focus on the safety of their carrier and made it a priority to exceed the ASTM standards for safety.  Simple features like waistband buckles having a snug safety elastic to prevent injury should a buckle accidentally release are standard on the Easy Feel.  Extra lines of stitching as well as X-box stitching reinforce weight-bearing seams.  Convenience features include a stowable hood is sewn in to a pouch at the top of the body panel.  Generous one inch legs out padding for baby and seat darts ensure baby’s comfort.  The personal fit adapters (PFA) allowing fine adjustment of carrier fit for all body shapes, giving an extra three and a half inches of adjustment for both taller wearers and the more petite.

Image shows yellow, pink, and white pattern of the hood storage pouch inside the top of the carrier body
Stowaway hood within the top of the carrier body

The contoured waistband is well structured using a firmer compressed padding that seems to mold to the waist of the wearer.  Expandable from as narrow as 27 inches up to 55 inch waists.  The legs out padding is thicker than we have previously worn but much softer than previous carriers.  This means it does not put undue stress on the bend of baby’s knee but instead adds an extra pillowy softness where the carrier comes in contact with the knee.  The shoulder harness is thick but plush, padded with almost two inch thick moldable foam.

Image shows a woman smiling into the camera wearing twin toddlers one in front in a navy blue and white soft structured carrier and the other in a yellow pink and white soft structured carrier as she pushes the stroller full of groceries.
Tandem wearing on the way home from the grocery store

As with many SSCs, the adjusters on the shoulder harness of the Easy Feel SSC adjust away from the wearer.  If baby is in a front carry the adjuster pulls back, away from the body of the wearer.  The same is true of the PFA which also pulls back, away from the wearer so they should be adjusted prior to wearing baby.  The seat is a comfortable 17 inches wide, a great knee to knee fit for a toddler entering the 3T clothing range.  The body panel is contoured, forming to the shape of baby’s body giving a little more enclosed feeling than other SSCs in the toddler to preschool size.  The hood design is similar to others we have tested, the tucking into the body panel was the difference between having to search for a detachable hood that got separated in the wash and knowing the hood was present when it was needed.  Secured to D-Ring loops on the shoulder straps with matching cloth ties, the hood can be used as extra head support for a sleeping toddler or sun cover as needed.

Image shows medium brown woman smiling into the distance while wearing two light brown toddlers. One baby is on her back in a gray and white soft structured carrier. Front baby is worn in a yellow Ikat design with large pink peaks
A trip to the bank is much easier with tandem babywearing

As with any soft structured carrier, it is important to make sure your baby can sit unassisted so that they can reposition their heads and protect their airway from suffocation.  This is a suggestion for best practices, recommended by all professional babywearing schools, Babywearing International, and carrier manufacturers.  It is also important to make sure the carriers you purchase have met or exceed safety standards for the regulatory agencies in that country.  The carrier is compliant with the new Consumer Product and Safety Commission and ASTM compliance standard F2236.  Easy Feel is proud to have passed and been certified compliant with the ASTM F2236 standard.

What I loved about this carrier
Image shows a back view of a toddler worn in a gray and white diamond print toddler sized soft structured carrier. The woman holds another toddler's hand as they near the street
First stop on our journey, donuts. Essentials first but much more manageable with my sensitive twin worn close. Gray Helix Toddler SSC

I am impressed by the quality of the Easy Feel SSC for the very budget friendly price.  The carriers sell for $89 for the standard size and $104 for the toddler sizes including shipping.  This means a family with a single income, restricted budget, or other limitations of finance can have a high quality carrier with all the features of the more expensive name brands and at a price that won’t destroy your budget.  The carrier exceeds all the current safety standards which is of utmost importance.  Comfort features are stellar.  The waistband is six inches wide, contoured to fit the waist.  The waistband easily fit flush, and tight enough that I didn’t have to be concerned with it drooping or sagging in the front under the weight of my girls.  The extended webbing on the shoulder harness meant I could wear it with comfort as could the twins father who is at least a foot taller and slimmer in the waist.  The body panel fit the ladies to the top of their shoulders.  Favoring arms in more times than arms out, they could sneak down into the carrier and hide from the eyes of passersby.

Image shows a medium brown momma wearing a light brown, blond haired toddler on her back in a gray and white diamond print soft structured carrier. The baby worn on her front is hiding, arms tucked inside of the pink, yellow, and white soft structured carrier
After a long day at the pool and hot hot sun, a tandem is easier than begging them to walk faster under the 117ºF sun.

Curved shoulder straps meant a contoured fit that naturally followed the curvature of the shoulder.  The ability for both parents to wear the girls in the same carrier was definitely a bonus.  The shoulder straps are well padded, with a closed cell foam that bounces back to it’s original shape and molds well to the contour of the shoulder.  We were able to wear the carriers in tandem with comfort and not bulky at all.  We took many walks and carried sleeping babies back to the house without extra pressure on the shoulders or hips.

The webbing on the carrier is extra grippy, a suggestion from the ASTM rules but has been shown to soften and glide more with wear.  This came as an added safety feature in which the buckles definitely stayed in place, the buckle combs catching within the grooves of the webbing.  This meant as we moved, or even danced around the house or on a walk, the waistband stayed in place, without moving and never dipped or sagged where weight was applied from the girls.  On many SSCs I experience pain in my hips, slight as they are, in an attempt to support the weight of my babies.  I did not experience this with the Easy Feel SSC, it was comfortably set, allowed me to place much of baby’s weight on my upper back.  The little pocket was perfect storage for my keys to the house and a debit card for a treat while out on our walk.

Image shows a close up on the pocket on the waistband. Closes with a velcro and is white and navy blue Ikat diamond design
Small storage pocket perfect for keys or an identification card
What I am looking forward to seeing in the next release

The only improvement I ever have for any SSC, especially a toddler SSC, is to have the shoulder harness adjust pull away from the body of the wearer to the front rather than toward the back.  The angle backward is difficult on the wrist and often provides a tricky angle to achieve maximum tightening.  When pulled forward this would allow much more even tightening of the carrier straps and even permit PFA tightening or loosening while wearing to get the best possible fit in a back carry.  

Image shows a hand pointing to the black ladder lock hardware on the adjuster at the top of the carrier shoulder strap.
Personal Fit Adjusters (PFAs)


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  1. Very great review. Thanks. I love the wide panel…good coverage for bigger toddlers. Thanks for the video on tandem carrying. Now I just need one more toddler carrier and my life would be easier if I tandem carried.


  2. These carriers are gorgeous. We would love the chance to have one of these as our first toddler carrier. They look very well structured and the price is reasonable.


  3. We are in desperate need of a new carrier for our growing son and with only my husband working this would be amazing looks like a great carrier and it is beautiful.


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