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Top 5 Summer Woven Wrap Front and Hip Carries

Lord knows it’s hot in Arizona! I often am asked how we survive and still wear in the 117F tempertures of the summer. @WrappingRachel has five really great carries that are perfect for allowing airflow and maintain support for you and baby. Add in a nice, lightweight, breatheable fiber like linen or Tencel and you are all set for the hot days. #summerbabywearing #wearallthetoddlers

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Everyone asks me:  What’s the BEST carrier to wear in the heat?

This question can have so many answers!  Everyone has a different favorite carrier in the summer time.  My personal favorite carrier in the summer is a thin breathable woven wrap in a single layer carry.  In the summer, I like to use a wrap that’s a bit shorter than my base size.  My base size is a 6 and I love size 4 carries (so base minus 2) in the summer.

This post has my top 5 favorite Base minus 2 Summer Carries!

5.  Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied under the Bum

This is a fabulous beginner carry.  If you are brand new to wrapping, this is a great one to start with.  The carry teaches you to tighten really effectively.  Tying off under the bum means that there is less fabric wrapped around you (so less warmth!)…

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