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Firespiral Slings Moss Twilight Winter Hill

Information table displaying a picture of the carrier in use on back. Table reads Price Point: $187 for a size 6; Width: 27 inches; Shoulder Feel Plush; Support: Toddler Worthy; Care: Hand wash, lie flat to dry; Heat Retention: Moderate; Grip: High due to wool content; Softness: Combed Cotton is known for superior softness; Pliable: Molds to every body curve

Wearing carriers from a company with an ethics is but a bonus when the wraps they weave hold beauty and significance.  Firespiral Slings uses materials sourced from their local Northwestern England, combined with ecological consciousness of the footprint they leave behind.  The product is a wrap that is worthy of a tapestry, more a work of art than woven cloth for babywearing.  This time we tested a wrap featuring two of our favorite fibers, Merino wool and combed cotton.  Add in the compliment of our favorite color and nothing but enjoyment can result.  This time a wrap modeled after the very hill near the workshop where so much creativity flows.

Kangaroo Carry

Named for the hill along beside the Firespiral Slings workstation, the wrap is a pale but vibrant green with deep navy blue.  The weft of the wrap is unique being a combination of both combed cotton and merino wool in a balance of the more coarse fibers with the combed cotton.  The Navy blue appears more indigo in sunlight with hints of purple within the navy color.  The green stands apart giving a splash of color against the darker solid color.  The pattern shows an uneven path along the bottom gradually leading upward to a wall before sprawling hills rise beyond.  Power lines and telephone poles dot the tops of the hill with the rainy sky and clouds beyond.  The path at the base of the wrap includes cobblestone foot path and the appearance of a body of water.  Each side of the wrap is the same with only a change of colors from the previous side.

Double Hammock Rebozo
What we like about Moss Twilight Winter Hill

I love the grip in this wrap.  The ability for the passes to stay in place can mean the difference between a struggle and an easy amount of work to get a neat carry that is secure.  The wool content allows the fibers to adhere to each other giving the wrap the ability to stay in place as you tighten a chest pass in a Shepherd’s Back Carry.  Passes that can take extra skill to master such as the shoulder flip in a Double Traditional Sling Carry are made so much easier when the wrap rests on your shoulder and stays in place while you work in the pass.  For some carries the difference between an extra few minutes tightening and done and on the move can end in a fail.  Moss Twilight Winter Hill was able to use the agglutination properties of wool to make a Front Reinforced Torso Traditional Sling Carry an easy feat.  tightening across both our bodies was an easy task and the slipknot held in place as if a double knot.  Adjusting the carry was similarly easy, the combed cotton offering up glide, making adjusting for nursing a simple task.

Front Reinforced Torso Traditional Sling Carry

The deep indigo color giving the moss green the spotlight to pop right off the fabric.  The green is the very color of moss growing under the shaded canopy of the redwood forests as I remember them in Oregon.  Green is my absolute favorite color, seeing Firespiral Slings approximate the color so exactly made me feel as if I could actually see the moss in North West England the same as I recalled my walk in the Redwood forests.  The Merino wool was softer than other wools we have worn.  The shaft is longer than other wools making it extra fine and softer than other wool varieties.  This equates to fewer of the wool prickles making a softer wrap that is comfortable to wear without the threat of itching.  Wool is also an amazing wicking fiber so you can wear low percentage wool blends in the summer and find that is wicks away moisture in the process of an evening walk.

Shepherd’s Back Carry for our nature walk
Wrapping Qualities

Moss Twilight Winter Hill definitely was more grip than glide.  The addition of the soft wool allowed passes to stay in place, gripped as if an ace bandage.  The pass glides up and stays in place allowing you to continue to tightening without worrying the pass will slide down baby’s back.  Carries with shoulder flips were a breeze, gently placing the wrap on you shoulder was enough to keep the wrap there without sliding or slipping.  Working through the slack wasn’t cumbersome, the wrap gliding and staying put to prevent extra work in completing the carry.

Front Traditional Sling Carry is my go to for an upset toddler pending nuclear meltdown status.  It is a quick up and when paired with the more Western slipknot allows us to get down just as quickly as they needed up.  Wool has very nice drape and diagonal stretch lending characteristics toward a secure carry with smooth passes.

The complexity of the weave was easy to show off with a Poppin’s Hip Carry.  The switchback demonstrating the flow of the colors, the grip keeping the pass in place without the excess tightening.  I did enjoy the large fluffy knots in Winter Hill.  Reaching near handwoven knot size but soft and without excess pressure against the back hip or shoulder.  The play of color also made for a very dramatic candy cane chest belt, always soft against the chest.

Poppins Hip Carry

We always test in one shouldered back carries for support and shoulder comfort.  Winter Hill did not disappoint.  The Double Hammock Traditional Sling carry is one of our favorite Base -2 carries.  Full support of the Double Hammock with the extra chest pass for weight distribution the traditional sling finish can be tied as a double knot or as a slipknot.  We prefer the double knot and a well capped shoulder.  Even after falling asleep, arms all tucked into the generous width, the carry did not slip or sag.

As a wool wrap Winter Hill does require some special care.  While some wools are machine washable, I prefer to handwash all my woolies.  a simple soak with minimal agitation is my preferred wash method and I choose the kitchen sink or bathtub to soak.  From first wash at loom state the wrap had minimal bleeding of the indigo color and fluffed up nicely upon drying.  A low steam, low heat iron was enough to rid the scant number of wrinkles after a flat dry.

Cross Passes of Kangaroo Carry

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