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Welcome to Tandem Trouble



How does mothering twins start?  With a beautiful birth experience of course.  Pregnant at 35, we had no idea that twins was in our path.  A normal pregnancy with minor discomforts of lower back pain and those swollen legs and feet should have been a hint at what was to come.  At 35 weeks and 5 days a spontaneous rupture of membranes sent us to our birthing center.  Surrounded by our midwife, birthing assistant, and dad I walked, napped, ate and drank to keep labor stimulated and remain comfortable.  When contractions intensified We climbed into the whirlpool bath and labored there through transition.  As baby began to crown I felt that we should be out of the water.  We moved to the birthing stool and finally to th bed on my side.  Within minutes Isabella was born.  Cradling my beautiful baby I was shocked that the contractions didn’t ease up.  As a matter of fact the contractions ad intensified.  I felt the urge to push and delivered a second full bag of waters.  At this point the room fell silent, the doctor checked and with a shocked sigh told us there was another baby.  Within five minutes Madeline was born.

Why I do what I do

1421534681000Needless to say this was more baby than we expected.  Every Momma dreams of the perfect little baby, having two perfect babies was love overflowing.  We had prepared for a single baby so calls were made to family to bring a second car seat to get us home the next morning.  Our little Bella and Maddie were game changers at only minutes old.  Sharing our personal experiences through babywearing, nutrition, and even educational play to help other parents is the mission behind what we do.

Connect with us

We share our experiences on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.  You can find our babywearing tutorials linked from the blog as well as reviews on babywearing carriers.  We do not accept monetary incentives for our reviews, they are honest opinions of the carriers we test.  Nutrition is so very important to me and affects overall well being.

What I offer, our promise to you

Busy is the life of twins.  Although motherhood comes first, I promise you will always find a new recipe, a new review of a babywearing carrier, innovative educational play, and the how-to of tandem babywearing.  We love feedback and welcome you to help us continue to improve as we help bring you the very best information.

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