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Affordable Baby Carriers

We are all on a budget and of course we want to wear all the babies!  How can we safely Babywear and maintain our budget?  The truth is no one needs to spend $200 on a carrier, there are amazing options that accomplish the same goal with style and are safely constructed with comfort of you and your baby in mind.  This is a short review of some of those carriers that fall within budget.  So what are the budget criteria?  For Ring Slings, machine Woven Wraps, Mei Tai, and Soft Structured Carriers the upper limit is $125.  For Handwoven Wraps the upper limit is $200.  I am very big on supporting smaller businesses and those that are known for ethical use of labor and materials so the companies here will also meet that criteria.


All babywearing carriers require testing and have specific labeling requirements before they are sold in the United States.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission  is an agency within the US Federal government requiring testing by an independent agency for weight bearing while in motion and tests for lead on the buckles.  Before an SSC is able to be sold in the US it is certified safe by testing to protect the caregiver and the child.  To qualify for testing a carrier must have the safety tags in place demonstrating safe wearing as well as written instructions for safe wearing.  The carrier also requires a tag that lists the lot number and date of manufacture as well as laundry care instructions and materials composition .  The carrier will arrive with a registration card attached to the carrier for the buyer to register the carrier.   This allows the manufacturer to keep track of who has registered as the owner of the carrier and alert them if there are issues requiring recall.

In addition to testing, a manufacturer may also be a member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, BCIA, an excellent advocate for the babywearing community.

Style & Fit

I love beautiful colors and of course all the amenities the carriers can offer.  Features like beautiful pleats on the ring sling shoulders, legs out padding for baby’s comfort in panel carriers, as well as little perks like pockets and hoods.  The carriers here may be inexpensive but will also feature as many amenities as possible so that while affordable, it also has the luxuries of the expensive carriers.  The carriers also have to fit well and comfortable for both wearer and baby.  While I am selecting carriers to meet all these requirements I will maintain objectivity in my reviews to give you an honest view of the features so that you can make an informed decision for your family.

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