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Guest Carrier Reviews

I would like you to meet a fantastic team of ladies.  They are my fellow members of Rucking Awesome and they are exactly that, awesome.

Here is a little background on our team:

11081818_10205968598912374_1913149717_nHillary is momma to a gorgeous little girl and administrator in the Babywearing Love and Support Facebook group and blogger at Bugglet Baby. She holds a bachelor’s degree in both sociology and anthropology with a focus on education/child development. Her family is multi-ethnic and Hillary is a wealth of babywearing knowledge. She currently has a startup baby gear company where she will be a vendor for babywearing carriers, developmental toys, and general baby gear.  You can also find Hillary on Instagram as @Bugglet_Baby

10403594_10206330242881766_9046529836806743166_nJasmine brings the special needs perspective to babywearing for our group. Jasmine is of latin descent and has lived abroad in South America.  She is the administrator in the attachment parenting circles and Babywearing Love and Support on Facebook and blogger at Little Hands, Big Heart about the challenges of children with physical needs and babywearing to overcome those challenges.  You can find Jasmine on Instagram as @carried_with_love

PNCCAlexis is the blogger behind Single Handed Mommies and Chocolate.Crunchies where she offers her unique perspective of raising a mixed race child after the father decided being an interracial couple was too much to bear. She is the admin of the Facebook Group Single Handed Mommies and is an active participant in Babywearers of Color and Chocolate Crunchies.

11075223_10205105151140503_324083529_n Kara is a young Momma who is one of the most selfless people I know. She is a foster mom who specializes in children with special needs. She usually has three children under the age of three at once, all with special needs. Her two permanent placement children are in the process of being adopted by Kara.  She wears them both and frequently tandem wears her children.  Kara blogs specifically about babywearing children of special needs and babywearing as a plus sized Momma.   As a Volunteer Babywearing Educator with Babywearing International, she has the ability to pass on her experiences and knowledge to new babywearers.  She is certified in Behavior Analysis specializing in children under 5 and has been a habilitation therapist for 7 years working with medically fragile kids. You can find her on Instagram as @karalynnecook and Babywearing for Medically Complex Families on Facebook

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