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Cloth Diapering

You already know that the average baby cycles through 8 to 10 diapers in a day.  This means you are at a maximum of 70 diapers in a week and 3,640 diapers in a year.  Now add a second bottom to diaper, not just twins, many of you have more than one under the age of three, and you are at 7,280 diapers in a year.  The average pack of diapers is $24 for 104 diapers for an annual expense of $1,680.  Over the course of three years, the average age of full potty training, you will have spent $5,040-$6,768.  Wouldn’t you much rather put that money toward the 529 College Savings Plan you started for your children?  To get my babies cloth diapered for a single year I have spent $240-300 in diapers and $25 on cloth wipes.  Adding in $50 in cloth diaper detergent and just under one dollar per load in an HE washer and dryer is $1,047 over three years.  I will take that savings in a snap.  Here are my insights on cloth diaper styles, resources, techniques, and tools of the trade.

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